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Tandem Skydive

Let us be the wind beneath your wings as we pilot you to new heights of human flight!

We educate you on what to expect for your tandem skydive. We introduce you to your tandem instructor followed by a brief period of training where gear-up is the last step before boarding.

The ride to altitude is short and sweet. Only a few minutes to 13,000 feet.

Free fall at 200km/hr for 60 seconds until your instructor opens the parachute at 5000ft.

Typical parachute flight times range depending on whether you are gracefully gliding back down or getting your heart pumping with thrilling acrobatic spirals.

As you gently touch down from your skydive a smooth landing wraps up your jump.

Celebrate the fact that you were born to fly by moving onto the next step: your very own licence to jump, transforming your tandem adventure into a solo event. With a focus on progression, you can complete a series of 8 skydives to begin the trek in this vast and dynamic sport.


Tandem Skydive


Pictures & Video

Seize the moment, capture the action, treasure the memory, enjoy the evidence. Cherish the memories of your jump looking back upon your pictures and video.

The captivating view of cascading mountains in the distance and the vast quilted colours of the prairies, your big day is the focal point! Capturing a photo every second in still frame view the grace of it all, along with video where you see and hear all that there is to the surroundings of your skydive!

Your leap of faith could be shared with the world or kept for yourself, preserving it in its entirety for the sake that you can never get your first skydive twice, lets not leave the details to chance.

Press play to view the show; introduction, gear-up, boarding, take off, free fall, under canopy, touch down! All captured in real time for you to enjoy.

Check-in is your last chance to make the choice to keep the memory outside of your mind and up-loadable for later. Your video, your way. You are the director of this shoot, its time for your close up! Create something all your own! Pose in flight, show your fear or rock it out. Through capturing it all we
will build a memory together that you can replay with everyone!


$125 + TAX (Photos + Video)


$175 + TAX (Photos + Video)


$225 + TAX (Photos + Video)