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My First Jump

It was May of 1993. My friend Trent, saw a poster advertising parachuting “Learn to Skydive $99”. Heck ya, we signed up! Chatting about it over the next few weeks, while we were skiing the slopes at Lake water. The first jump course was on a Wednesday evening at the local college. Walking in to our First jump course there was close to 100 people in the auditorium. Randy, the teacher was very captivating with his instructions & enthusiastic story telling throughout the hours needed to complete the course. Looking back, the operation was run by just a few guys, one Jump master, one radio guy (Randy), a packer, someone in manifest & a video debrief guy. On the DZ people were everywhere! Trent and I had to work real jobs, so we arrived on Friday evening. Manifest was pretty backed up so by the time our load came up it was to dark to jump. The pair of us had work scheduled Saturday morning leaving us returning earlier on in the evening. Upon arrival we were informed of yet another set back strong winds. Sunday arriving for the third time to experiencing sitting around for the crappy weather that lasted all day.

When the next weekend we got shut out for the second time in a row. It seemed that the only time jumpable weather was around was when Trent and I were at our real jobs. The weekend that followed the travelling DZ  had moved onto the next town an hour away. Myself and Trent took the Saturday off, to finally go Skydiving! We arrived at the Airport where the staff informed us we would be on the next available load. The two of us were the only two out of our class that had not jumped yet. In the plane all the build up to this day was there when they called door. The IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) from 3000ft was over very quickly. Trent and I were ushered into the video room to watch our leap from the wing mounted camera. We were easily convinced to buy the VHS copy of our jump, and of course a t-shirt. Then the question came “Do you guys want to jump again?”. We both looked at each other & wondered why anyone would possibly do it more than once? It had never crossed my mind to do it again a second time. As the end of the day came Trent and I had four jumps under our belts, including a couple practice pulls from belly mounted PC pouches. What an awesome time! The rest of our summer was spent chasing the travelling DZ all over British Columbia.

Myself and Trent took our skill to the next level both becoming coaches and instructors within a few years. Although he faded from the sport , I still chased this silly past time of ours. Skydiving had been my way of life for Twenty Five years being a full time career for the last twelve. A big shout out to Randy and his crew at Canadian Skydive Centre for giving me the first step out on a wing. Jumping out planes, I love this shit!

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