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Experienced Jumpers

Get in on the action; courses for beginners to advanced running all season long.

Want in on something new?

There is a camp for that; belly flying, freefly, head down, sit fly, formation, wing suiting.

Anything and everything as we keep jumping licenses growing one load at time!

We are CSPA / USPA Affiliated; ratings, upgrades or crossover are made easy as we are a one-stop shop for
all of your skydiving needs. Fully certified rigger in-house to satisfy most equipment maintenance needs. Skydive Big Sky uses Burble manifest software so be sure to add our DZ!

The hangar remains open after jumping stops, hang out and enjoy yourself. You’re among friends here!

Why Choose Big Sky?

+ Dozens of gear racks to store for the day of for the summer (We are not responsible for gear left on premise)
+ Pet friendly (Leash required)
+ Playground, ping-pong, game consoles, and more for down time or weather holds!
+  The Big Sky hangar is open till the last person leaves so relax, fill in your logbook, and enjoy!
+ BBQ, newly renovated staff lunch room with fridge & microwave available.
+ Bring what you wish and stay for the fun of it!

Available for use if you do not have your own:
+ Rental Rigs of various sizes
+ Jumpsuits
+ Helmets
+ Altimeters
+ Gloves
+ Extensive indoor packing area
+ Numerous Video debriefing rooms
+ Several Large flat screens for sharing video footage

Self cleaning drop zone, we clean up after ourselves!

Experienced Jumpers