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Skydive Big Sky Academy

Our high-calibre training facility encompassed by our integrated up to date instructing methods raise
the bar for safety. Our standard encourages and instils confidence in our students effectively setting the tone for unlimited potential.

Our Goal as Affiliates of CSPA(Canadian Sport Parachute Association) & USPA(United States Parachute Association) through our PFF(Progressive Free Fall) / AFF(Accelerated Free Fall) Training courses offered at our training facility enable you to take your dreams around the world. Establishing competence, investing in on-going safe practices and building confidence within your abilities as you grow with experience a lasting foundation through a sturdy structure of skydiving instruction. We recognize the pioneers and leaders of the skydiving community that have innovated the curriculum to what it is today. As multiple sources & recourses have came together to make our school the top training facility in Alberta it has and always will be with the team efforts of many that we succeed.

Ground School

Ground School is step one to becoming a fully qualified solo jumper. Our focus is on skydiving safety and providing the ultimate experience throughout your stages of learning. Our Skydive School has been designed with you in mind. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff create a unique experience, keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting.

Progressive Freefall Program

In the Progressive Freefall (PFF) program a student skydiver joins two PFF Instructors at first and eventually graduates to one-on-one instructor jumps before finally flying solo. This will give you approximately 50 seconds of freefall to work on specific tasks that your instructor and yourself have gone through on the ground before boarding the aircraft. We call this “dirt diving”. Progressing through the program is done in sequence. Every learning style is accommodated because we custom tailor your learning experience.

A prerequisite of taking the Progressive Freefall program is a tandem skydive before starting Ground School.

Ground School / Progressive Freefall Program


Safety First

Approach is everything, as a forward thinking company, our skydiving industry standards are enhanced through innovation.

As we are in an ever-growing dynamic industry adopting new methods integrating both Canadian and United States standards enables us to accommodate individual needs, preferences and learning styles. As the largest full service facility in Alberta our spacious classrooms and ample training areas makes all stages of progression and advancement obtainable and convenient. Our group of respected instructors are comprised of accomplished Individuals with numerous decades of various skydiving disciplines under their belt.

Safety is our business! Safety is paramount, Big Sky’s safe practices create a sense of confidence, comfort, and fun for everyone involved. Our staff are licensed instructors with ratings recognized by the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA) and United States Parachute Association (USPA). They are the backbone of our operation.

Our expertise is naturally complemented by our aircraft which is the largest Canadian owned and operated skydiving fleet in Western Canada, meeting strict Transport Canada standards. We are proud to offer a 14 passenger Twin Turbine King Air, a 10 passenger Piper Navajo, and a 6 passenger Cessna 206. With our Canadian certified fleet, we take you higher and faster in a safe and comfortable fashion! Our parachute equipment is no exception to the rule as they are under constant inspection and maintained to rigorous CSPA standards.